Thursday, September 10, 2009

Troubleshooting Leaking RainBird 5000 Sprinkler Heads

In this video, we talk about a common problem after installation with leaking RainBird 5000 heads and how to fix it. More often than not, the cause of a leaky sprinkler head immediately after installation has to do with dirt, rocks, pebbles, or other debris making it's way into the sprinkler lines and into the heads as well.

Giving everything a flush and good cleaning usually is the easiest fix.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Troubleshooting Orbit Automatic Valves

Automatic sprinkler valves that won't shut completely? Try taking them apart and cleaning them out.

As Sean Stefan of Sprinkler Daddy ( shows in this video with an Orbit Automatic Sprinkler Valve, sometimes dirt, pebbles, or rocks can get into the valve and prevent it from closing. Your first option with a disfunctional valve should almost always be to clean it up first before you replace the entire valve.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Drip Irrigation Tip - Dig a Moat Around Shrubs

Here's a quick tip about drip irrigation to help promote better root growth in your plants. Special thanks to my wife for modelling this one!

Want your drip irrigation system to get water to all sides of your shrubs? Dig a small moat around the shrub so the water can flow around.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Make-shift Drip Irrigation Project-Pt 9- ECCO Chips Mulch

ECCO Chips mulch is now spread throughout the shrub beds to cover over top of the drip irrigation lines. The ECCO Chips come in a variety of colours and are available for sale in the Regina area.

Adding mulch to your beds, esspecially in beds where you have drip irrigation has a number of benefits:

  1. It makes the bed more aesthetically pleasing to look at by adding colour and covering up the drip irrigation lines.
  2. The mulch helps hold the moisture in longer, which means that your watering will be more effective.
  3. If you apply the proper level of mulch, it will block sunlight from getting to the weeds, keeping them down (for the most part).

Make-shift Drip Irrigation Project-Pt 8- Finished! (almost)

We're finished with the irrigation aspect of our Make-shift Drip Irrigation Project. Now all that's left is to do is put the ECCO Chips mulch over top.

Make-shift Drip Irrigation Project-Pt 7- Installing Emitters

Sean Stefan of Sprinkler Daddy walks you through the process of installing individual drip emitters to the supply line using a 1/4" coupler, 1/4" tubing, a drip emitter, and a tubing stake.

To find all these parts, just click over to

Makeshift Drip Project Part 6 - Plugging the Drip Line

We're finished running the pipe through the shrub bed and now we're going to plug the drip irrigation line with our lawn service plug that makes it easier to blow out the line in the fall.

To check out some of the products used in our drip irrigation project, head over to