Sunday, August 22, 2010

How To Install Hydro-Rain Manifolds

Hydro-Rain irrigation manifolds are new on the market and bring a larger O-ring and sturdy construction to the manifold market.

In this video Sean Stefan of Sprinkler Daddy demonstrates how to install a Hydro-Rain manifold with Hydro-Rain Valves and Blu-Lock fittings.

House Connection and Manifold Installation

How to neatly connect your house connection to your valve manifold or backflow preventer using a 3/4" Insert Elbow.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blu-Lock Challenge Regina, SK - Heat #1

Blu-Lock pipe and fittings was put to the built for speed challenge when we challenged irrigation installers to see which fittings would save more time: Blu-Lock, Turnseal, or Insert Fittings with Oetiker Clamps. The results of heat 1 had the Blu-Lock installers done in half the time of Turnseal and Insert Fittings.

To get Blu-Lock for your next irrigation project, visit

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Visit Sprinkler Daddy at The 2010 Regina Spring Home Show

Come visit us at the 2010 Regina Spring Home Show. We'll be in booth 837 in the Winter Fair Building, right next to the Canada Centre Building, Evraz Place.

We'll be debuting a brand new product line - Blu-Lock by Hydro-Rain.

And after you see us at the home show, get your free DIY sprinkler quote at

We've also put together a few videos demonstrating a few of the reasons why we think that the Blu-Lock pipe and fittings are going to make your sprinkler project much easier.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Friction Loss - Blu-Lock vs. Insert Fittings

One of the great reasons to install a Blu-Lock sprinkler system vs. an insert fitting based sprinkler system is because the Blu-Lock fittings go over top of the pipe instead of inside the pipe like insert fittings and TurnSeal fittings do.

For a quote on a Blu-Lock sprinkler system that you can install yourself, head over to

Monday, February 22, 2010

Blu-Lock vs. Insert Fittings vs. TurnSeal Fittings

Blu-Lock irrigation pipe and fittings are the wave of the future in the sprinkler business. To get a quote for your Blu-Lock sprinkler system head over to

We'll still gladly sell TurnSeal and insert fittings with standard poly pipe, but the Blu-Lock pipe and fitting system goes together so much faster and provides increased water flow over TurnSeal and insert fittings because the fittings fit over the pipe, not inside.

Monday, February 1, 2010

New for 2010 - Blu-Lock by Hydro-Rain at Sprinkler Daddy!

Blu-Lock by Hydro Rain is a revolutionary pipe and fitting system that is changing the irrigation world - and now you can get it from!

Blu-Lock fittings are a great alternative to insert fittings because they require no tools, clamps or tightening. Just pop the pipe into the fitting and you're done!

You'll be able to find the complete Blu-Lock and Hydro-Rain lines individually in the Sprinkler Daddy Sprinkler Store or as an option in your DIY sprinkler package.

Want to see how much faster it is? Check out the Blu-Lock "Built For Speed" Challenge in Columbus, OH below. The guy on the left is using Blu-Lock for the first time while the guy in the middle is using poly pipe with insert fittings and the guy on the right is using PVC.