Thursday, July 16, 2009

Makeshift Drip Project Part 1 - Choosing The Parts

We've been so busy taking care of our customer's yards that we haven't had a chance to get a sprinkler system into our own home yet. Nowadays, it seems as though sprinkler systems are a must have for all new homeowners, but sadly in the 70's when our house was built, that wasn't the case.

Our place has an overhanging roof that covers our front shrub beds, which means that currently our shrubs only get water when we haul out the hose. The rain doesn't help us out at all. So we finally got sick of it and put in a makeshift drip line to water all of our shrubs.

I call it a makeshift drip line because I don't have time to do the whole system right now, but I wanted to get the shrubs looked after. So for now we'll just be running the drip line off of our tap.

And of course I took some video of the project so that you can see what I do and hopefully come up with your own ideas for your own drip irrigation system.

Here's part one where I pick out all the parts I need at our warehouse:

Parts mentioned in this video can be found in the drip irrigation section of the Sprinkler Daddy Sprinkler Store.

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